Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 I was a nice teacher.  "Nice" is the operative word.  Remember when you were little and your teacher was short-tempered and grouchy?  Well, my third graders have had about three days of that.

I took great delight in cleaning my house and vacuumed behind things that don't normally get vacuumed behind.

I made coffee concentrate for future "afternoon iced coffee" and I can hardly wait!

I enjoyed (rather than fretting over) my husbands lighter work load because we were able to go on a long afternoon family walk with the dog and everyone laughed and had a splendid time!

I painted a new red chalkboard for my kitchen.

(And these pics are from a couple of weeks ago....an evening walk around the college where the girls decided to rollerblade.  They can't rollerblade.  Can't.  I ended up dragging them home.  Daddy just went on ahead with the dog.  Today's walk was much more light and pleasant.)

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