Monday, December 31, 2012

Les Miserables

I've seen many musicals and I must say... I like the "mystery" of the stage.  There is only so much you can do with the detail on the stage, so it leaves room for imagination.  Put a musical on film and there it is all fleshed out in front of you...every little detail.  

On Saturday, Rebecca and I went to see the greatly anticipated Les Miserables.  Although my girl was very familiar with the story (having recently been in the play herself), I was a bit anxious about what her eyes would see on the big screen.  Thankfully, intuition prompted me to hide her eyes in the most impressionable parts giving her freedom from those haunting images that linger in your mind.

We both shed tears.  Anne Hathaway was exceptional and who knew that Hugh Jackman could sing like that!  Wow.  I was especially enamored with Eponine and was glad they chose this chick for the part.  She nailed it.  

When we left we had some treasured conversation in the car about the depravity of man, redemption and forgiveness, and the evils of legalism.  We also talked about the beauty of innocence and purity and the wisdom in protecting it at all costs.  For this reason, our little outing was certainly profitable and a JOY.

However,  I still prefer the mystery of the stage.

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  1. Alisa,

    I WILL see this on stage one day; I can only imagine what it must be like after seeing the movie.

    How special to have had this mother/daughter outing! Rachel saw it TWICE before I finally had opportunity to...but I wish she and I would have seen it together. I was impressed how carefully they maneuvered "those" scenes; they could have been MUCH more graphic....

    Thanks for letting me know you wrote about it; and confirming my "need" to see this on stage one day :).