Saturday, May 14, 2011

6th Grade Play Date

These four have been together since Kindergarten. I tried to surprise them on Friday with an afternoon playdate, but you can't keep nothin' from them. The original plan was to pick them up after school and take them to the movies. That evolved into a trip to Greenville to the mall, dinner at Olive Garden, and a sleepover at our house. Secretly, I was happy to "scrap" the movie idea and go shopping.
I got so tickled at these two accessorizing their outfits. The purse is about as big as they are.

I had never set foot in Hollister for fear of what I might find. It always looked like a dark cave and the music wafting out was loud and loud and... well, loud. I ventured in with the girls and found myself in a world of happy and fun and cute and cozy. They were playing Colbie and there was even a comfy place to sit. The girls had a fabulous time in the enormous dressing room and I just so happened to have a camera!
Four very different girls with four very different personalities. I listened and observed.... relishing in their conversation, their giggles, their understanding and acceptance of one another.
When they woke, we went on our traditional "Pajama Donut Run" and then one by one they said goodbye.
I can't wait until the next 6th grade play date. I might even get me one of those short skirts at Hollister....not.


  1. So fun! I bet it felt like just yesterday they were teeny!!!!

  2. I love our girls! Thank you for doing this for them! I was thrilled to hear their stories from that night in class! God is truly building these young girls to be amazing women one day!