Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prom Gratitude

 Grateful for all the fun shopping trips in search of the perfect dress!

Grateful for how delighted the big sis was 
that her little sis was joining her this year.
Grateful for a full day of painting toenails and fingernails 
and curling hair and sprucing up.

Grateful that behind those beautiful eyes is a beautiful soul.
Grateful for her thrill at life and delight to have the 
privilege of enjoying such a lovely occasion.

Grateful for their friendship and the sweet way he asked her to be his date.

 Grateful for these freshman friends, the history they have, 
and how they truly enjoy each others' company.

 Grateful for how he has taught them to hunt... and dance!  
For how he encourages the camo and the frills.

 Grateful for how, inspite of the dress....

 ... they can still pop the skeet!

 Grateful for the privilege of a pre-prom dinner at the hunting lodge.

 Grateful that they share the same friends.

 Grateful for a good ol' southern celebration...

 ...complete with good food, good fellowship, and guns!

 Grateful for the McConnell's hospitality and willingness 
to share their big table with this crowd of kids.

 Grateful for PROM 2014...

... and a happy evening of memories.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Gratitude

It's been a fun week of Easter break filled with so much to be grateful for...

 Grateful for a the time to pull the house together and bring some order to this crazy life.

 Grateful for quiet mornings and time to drink coffee hot to the last sip.

 Grateful for His reminders along the way that He is enough.

 Grateful for camp outs, and play dates, and lots of laughter with friends.

Grateful for a day in Greenville with my girls, fun lunch with Bethany and her class, and Trader Joes shopping...always a treat!

Grateful for their reflection in the car.... "Momma, God really came up with some clever consequences for sin in the Bible.  Moab wallowed in his vomit (Jeremiah 48:26), the earth split and swallowed up all the men who belonged to Korah (Number 16:32), and Jonah had to sit in the belly of a fish for three days! Ick. (Jonah 2:1)
Grateful that, because of Christ, He deals with me so graciously.  Today, especially, I deserve to sit in the belly of a fish.... among other things.

Grateful for friends who still like to dye eggs and decorate cookies!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pinewood Derby

There were traffic lights,

and a stop sign,

some dipsticks,

engine heaters,

and grease swabs too!

You can't have a race with out a few spare tires,

and traffic cones are a must!

All "parts" of our first annual NCS Pinewood Derby!

There was a cool race track,

and a whole load of super cool derby cars!

Some to race, and some to eat!

Everybody got "fueled up"...

...and ready to race!

But not without a "Pit Pass!"

There were racers here,

racers there,

racers, racers,


We got our instructions,

started our "engines,"

and cheered for a win!

It was a "fast track finish" for these top five...

... but the jolly good time was a win for all!

I'd say our first derby was a smashing success!

And we can't wait for the next!