Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Field Trip

We took a little "Family Field Trip" to the NTWF Museum in Edgefield today. 

Confession:  I was trying not to dread it.  I knew it was something my husband has been 
looking forward to and so I "put on my happy heart" as we headed out the door this morning.

You see, I am married to the man who likes to read EVERY plaque with EVERY detail of history.  
I mean, how much can you really learn about a turkey???

Well I am happy to report that learning about turkeys was really quite delightful.  
Who knew they were so interesting!

I found the whole experience to be rather amazing!

When we arrived the President's secretary let us peek into his office.  His turkey mounts were really cool.  

And as we entered the museum, there just happened to be a little private tour going on 
with Christine (the NWTF Education Coordinator) who was hosting a family from New York.  
We got to join them and get a whole "behind the scenes" tour. 

The exhibit was amazing and we were all especially impressed with the ginormous turkey call.  Wowsers!

And then there were games to be played!

And we went to the Turkey Shoppe in the little town.

This is where I promptly got bored and crossed the street to the 
little antique shoppe that was filled with my kind of stuff...

All in all it was a splendidly fabulous field trip and another entry in the Lamb Family Book of Memories.

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