Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Closed Doors, Open Eyes

Today, God decided to close a door that has been open for 16 years.  Tenderly, He chose to close the door slowly.  He took about 10 months to do it, but now it is shut and I feel sure He has tossed the key.  God knows the time we need to prepare for His "closed doors"....He is gentle that way.

Over the past 10 months God has also opened my eyes wider than ever to His abundant blessings.  In that time, I have recorded over 700 "gifts" of thanksgiving.  The writing down, the record, the recognizing has brought me to a sweet place of peace.... a peace that passes all understanding.  He is gentle that way.

He has opened my eyes to so many promises in Christ:

The privilege of rejoicing in each day.  (He even commands us to do it! Ps. 118:24)  

The privilege of resting in Him. (Ps. 62:1)  

The privilege not to worry. (Matt. 6:25)  

The privilege of being still. (Ps. 46:10)   

The privilege to fix my thoughts on Him (Hebrews 12:2)... to think about what is lovely, true and noble and right.(Phil. 4:8)  

The privilege to cast all of my worries/cares/anxieties on Him....because HE CARES FOR ME. (1 Peter 5:7)  

As He slowly closed the door, He opened my eyes wider than ever to how intimately acquainted He is with all my ways.(Ps. 139)

So, I am keeping my eyes wide opened and waiting in expectation for what He has around the corner.    Considering God's track record with me, one thing is for sure:

Anytime He has closed a door, He has always opened another...

...He is gentle that way.


  1. What a beautiful blog!

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