Monday, February 6, 2012

A Science Project and Some Blessings

Today, I was driving down the road feeling like the weather....dreary.  So, I decided to count my blessings.

1067.  Learning the story You are weaving through Your Word.

1068.  My "coffee talk" with Jennifer...learning together how to rest in You.

1069.  Craft Night with Caroline and making a "SOF" for a Science Project.  (Funnest Assignment EVER, Mrs. Smith!!!)
1070.  Little bits of good news along the way this past week and how Andy acknowledges it and is thankful.

1071.  My trip to Bargain Foods with Suzanne...who knew!

1072.  A cold sore short lived!!!

1073.  Cleared up dry, irritated eyes and Dr. Dean.

1074.  Going "make-up free" all week. 

1075.  Watching Anna Locke fall asleep on her momma's shoulder Sunday morning at church and how her cheek squished up and her cute baby lips.

1076.  Abigail Elizabeth Dance and her healthy arrival.

1077.  How Andy takes my hand.

1078.  Downton Abbey!

1079.  A Sunday afternoon walk around the block with my sweetheart and our dog.....and pop rocks!

1080.  An unexpected Superbowl night at John and Jen's with all the "young folk"...and holding baby Caroline Bass.

1081. How Buddy got out and wondered around the neighborhood while we were gone and how Andy discovered him missing at 11:00pm and how he went looking and we both prayed and the sweet girl who called who had him at the college.

1082.   Monday pick-up with just Caroline and our conversation about the day.

1083.  Texts that share God's Word.

1085.  Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to Lillian and seeing Cely Kay take steps.

1086.  Reading about Alexander the Great (who wasn't so great) to Caroline on her bed while she changed out of school clothes to shorts for basketball practice.

1087.  Her request while doing homework...."How many feet are in a yard???"

1088.  Creating a little make someone happy.

1089.  Ten minutes of rest on the couch.

1090.  Waking to the sunshine.


  1. Love love love you list! I want to come over.

    1. haha....i just realized there is a surprise for you in one of these pictures! can u find it? hint: it is NOT a science project! :)

  2. What in the world is that (cute) thing?!?

  3. What a great list! I'm so glad you msg'd me on fb so I could find this! Thank you for enjoying my sweet baby's cheeks & lips :) I love them too!