Saturday, December 31, 2011

And on December 31st...

My house looks like bomb went off.  Half the tree is undecorated.  Christmas decor is still strewn about.  Caroline's room is half re-decorated, but all the little things that are NOT going back in there are in piles all around the house.  For those of you who come into my house and say things like, "Your house is always so tidy.  Everything is always in it's place,"  now would be the time to come by for a visit.  

While trying to make a little dent in the mess, I decided to take a break, go hide somewhere, and eat the REST of my birthday cake.  When I returned to the many tasks at hand I found this:

I took a minute to just look at her.... my "newly" eleven year old with all her cute freckles.  
And suddenly, all is right in my world.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Promises, Promises

We promised the child we would have her room painted by her birthday which is two days after Christmas. The unusual state of "relaxed and calm" that I am experiencing in the midst of this MESS, at this time of the year, can only be explained by the work of a great and mighty God who has the power to set my grip on life FREE and move right in to rule and reign.  I guess this is what that "peace that passes understanding" is.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Celebration Continues....

With a whole lotta cousins 

And a whole lotta yummy food!

And the joy of giving...

And receiving!

And some headdresses...

And just being with family.

Some more crazy cousins!

And sweet Hoke who LOVES to talk with Uncle Andy.

And a race out Nana's front door to see Santa on the Firetruck!

And Scattergories with lots of hysterical laughter.

And so much food, food, FOOD, FOOD!

And 17 stockings! 

With matching Kindles. 

And lots of fellowship in Nana's happy Christmas house.

With a present for EVERYONE!

 And sheer delight to find a treasure she has asked and asked for!

And a helpful little gift card.

And sweet Nana.

And the oldies but goodies.

With "worms" for his tackle box

And Rebecca's sweet surprise for Mom! 

With a SNUGGIE!!!

 And a stocking for everyone, from youngest.... oldest!

Filled with some essentials! 

 With some sweethearts

And sisters 

And dear, dear friends from far away. 

With another celebration!

for the whole family 

With candles

 And cookie cake!

And matching jerseys from your favorite team!

And some new boots from Nana.

And a whole lotta family LOVE.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Celebration Begins...

Christmas Eve-Eve with Thai Spice "take-out" and Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider!

The girls played Joy to the World for us and insisted we sing just the last verse.  They gave us "song sheets" with lyrics printed in Christmas colors.  I loved it.

Daddy's gift from Caroline.  "Daddy, I meant for it to be a duck, but it turned out more like a bird."  He loved it.

Christmas Eve-Eve Jammies.

Christmas Eve Morning.  (We always have to wake our girls up.  They LOVE to sleep and even "Christmas" doesn't change that.)  Caroline is sleeping with her sister because, like crazy people, her parents decided to paint her room two days before Christmas.

Oh the joy...

the joy...




Pillsbury canned cinnamon rolls.... another tradition.

Camo hat that has a built in light (with three settings), Scent-Away deodorant, and wind detector smoke...along with a camo thermos.  Hunter-Daddy was happy to find all of this in his stocking.

 Stockings are our favorite and they ALWAYS come AFTER presents.

Webkinz Santa-Hamster.

Finding the pickle.

Mommy was sneaky this year.

 Rebecca found it inside another ornament.

Truck Present! (another Lamb Family tradition)

And we're off!  The car was packed and we were dressed and outta there by 10:00am!   First stop... Uncle Duke's house for his scrumptious Rib Roast and scalloped potatoes, among other things.

Christmas Memories... to be continued.