Sunday, February 12, 2012

And on the Seventh Day....

I woke at 2:38am.  Talked to my Heavenly Father for a while til I could get back to sleep.  
(So thankful He never sleeps.)

Woke (again) to the sunshine pouring in my kitchen window.

Was called "Saint Alisa" by my pastor which, of course, made me cry.  
"Sinner Alisa" is a much more appropriate title.

Enjoyed a spontaneous lunch date at our house with the Thames family where we shared some 
Bacon-Corn Chowder and some Conversation hearts.

Made some Valentine treats.

Started a new quilt.....ahhhh.

Enjoyed an afternoon homemade iced vanilla coffee....

...with my sweetheart.

Went on a family evening walk at the Civic Center track with our dog.  
(Did you know they have this little hiking trail in the forest there?  Delightful.)

Roasted brats in our backyard over an open flame...where my girls spontaneously recited Commandment #4.

It's been another blessed Sunday.  (I'm so thankful He gave us #4)

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