Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Agony of Victory

Church basketball.  What is it about it?  It has a tendency to bring out, what I like to call, "The Mommy Lion". You know.... the ferociousness.  Not me, of course.  I just sit peacefully in the stands and cheer on my little girls. But some mommas...

This year, our church did not have a team for Caroline's age group.  Thankfully, through some prayer and some "orchestrating" on the part of another mom, Caroline was able to play ball with her two "besties"  on another team at another church.

All was well until we found out that, because of a shortage of teams in each age group, the league decided to combine the 11 and under and 13 and under girls teams and have them play one another.  This, of course, meant my two girls would play each other.  Lovely.

Well, last Thursday was the big night.  And surprisingly, the score was neck and neck most of the way through the game, but, in the end, the older sister triumphed.  

Obligatory "Congrats" were exchanged and we got into a solemn car.  No one said anything. 

It's not that much fun beating your sister.

We decided to run by the grocery store and get some Ben and Jerrys.  The girls walked in quietly together and headed for the freezer section.  Daddy and I went to get some other essentials.  When we all united at the ice cream, the girls were laughing and giggling.  

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  1. Your cute girls! A good preparation for future struggles/competition that are sure to happen. Glad it ended in ice cream!