Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glimpses of a Pink Sky

Dr. Seuss

I thoroughly enjoyed my third graders today.  I made an effort to really pay attention when they were telling me things (Teachers do it too, Mommas!) and found their thoughts to be quite enjoyable.

I got a new Dr. Seuss mug from Mrs. Mary Long (a treat from Disney World!) and promptly poured my piping hot coffee into it to enjoy.  Coffee tastes so much better out of a cute mug that your friend brings you as a treat!

I had a delightful conversation with my friend, Jean, about the season finale of Downton Abbey... and we shared all our favorite parts. 

I got a call from my husband with  "good news" of his day.

My girls and I got a little walk in at the AnMed track and we all laughed so hysterically that we about peed in our pants. 

I enjoyed my friend, Whitney, and her "happy dance" in the parking lot of the church as we took a brief moment to catch up and share the details of our crazy days.

I picked one child up from church and left and came back an hour and a half later to drop another one off for Youth Group and I all of the sudden felt that overwhelming emotion of gratitude that I am "that mom"...the one who drives up and down the road to drop kids off here, there, and yonder.

I went to the store for some milk, saw about four friends (I love that about our little town), and came out to a pink sky.... beautiful.

I got in the car to my favorite tune on a new CD by one of my new favorite artists....a valentine treat appropriately titled "Heart".

This morning, I decided to ask God for His plans for the day instead of my own and (go figure) His plans turned out to be alot better.

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