Friday, July 12, 2013

Eat Mor Chikin!

 Today was the annual, "Dress like a Cow...Get Free Chicken" day.  

 We suited up early and met lots of friends for breakfast.

 This was one of the cutest little cow"belles".

 I love this tradition.

Because we live in a smallish town, traditions like this pull in lots of friends.


 I tried to get the hubs to join us for breakfast, but he said he was going to PAY for his breakfast at the bagel shop.  (Every party has a pooper.)

This year there was a little "Miss" cow.  Don't let the pink "get-up" fool you.  She still horrified the "little-bitties."  They aren't much for gigantic cows in costume.  



 "No no cow."  Mia kept her distance from that big furry thang.

We spent some time playing with the little tikes...

 ...and enjoyed a scrumptious feast.

Chick Fil A is super sweet to share breakfast with us... free of charge.

We went back for lunch too.

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