Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like the lyrics to my favorite song... (Daily Gratitude)

Starting my days at 5am walking with a faithful friend...who reminds me to 
"pray it in".

How sometimes others just INSIST on the blessing.  (Thanks Martha for a week of "happy" straight from your garden to my coffee table.)

Leaving the sewing at the kitchen table all week and eating in the dining room.

Middle school sibling they share and laugh and really like each other.

"Hey Mom.  You want me to brew us a cup of tea before bed?"  Love.

He took the girls for an afternoon outing at the mall and came home with this little treasure.  (He loves me.)

A family cold....hacking and coughing and blowing all together.  
(At least we truly have sympathy for one another.)

Evening conversation with my sweetheart... how he really likes to share the details of the day.  The privilege of listening to him.

Driving down the road, Rebecca reading a cute story aloud with expression and joy, how we laughed at the details, and how she appreciates the message.

Celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite friends. (I'm so glad she was born!)

Some new tunes (all thanks to my hubby)...
that promote voices raised and some car dancing with the girls. 
(You really should push "play".)

So much GRATITUDE to the One who "sticks with me all day long."

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday Night Lights

There is the usual gear...

 And players.

 And there is a whole pile of spirit....

From "Tall"...

to small.

 And a pretty cute little Flag Team...

(This one is my favorite!)

And there is an announcer who is very loud.... and we all love him

 (and his cute little punka-dootle-lootles.)

There are kick-offs...

And half-time shows...

And some super cute fans!

And there is a chaplain... who prays for, not only safety, but for victory too!


There are some boys...

And girls...

And lots of cute shots!

   And there is Half-Time Tug-o-War...

Where victory is sweet!

And there are, of course, some programs.

 But the thing I love most...

 About "Friday nights under the lights"... the community it brings.

It's a really special thing.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

People Watching...Among Other Things

Woke at 6ish and enjoyed a morning to myself (while everyone snoozed!), which included coffee, Pinterest, and The Word... not necessarily in that order.

Andy woke to take Caroline to her first soccer practice at 9 (She looked so cute in her ponytail, long socks, and cleats...I love little soccer girls!) and I had big plans to sneak off to the fabric store after they left. 

Just before they pulled out, Andy happened to notice a nail in my tire (he has eagle eyes!) and sent me to Sears to get the tire fixed.  Waaaah.

So I sat in the food court at the mall and "people watched" while I waited  on my car.  It was kind of fun.  People watching is always entertaining at the mall.  This one dad came swooping by with his little boy who I could tell needed to get to the bathroom.  Shortly after he had left with him, presumably returning to his shopping, I saw him racing back to the bathroom with the same kid,  holding him up... and out.  Bless.  That was entertaining.  

I left the mall and scooted over to Hancock for a new hexagon template!  Yee haw!  "Thankfully" there was really no time to peruse the fabric, because I had to get home to get Rebecca to her first half-time flag performance.  It was pouring rain when we left the house but when we arrived at the football field, the sun was pouring down.  She was full of smiles and so excited.

I dropped her off and ran to Target where I found a store full of enthusiastic college students and teary mommas and buggies full of all the dorm room essentials.  It was fun to be a part of the frenzy...sort of!

Caroline and I squeaked back into the football field just shy of half-time and enjoyed Rebecca's FABULOUS performance!  (I'm so glad she is getting to have this fun experience with friends.)

And THEN we came home.... and I spent my afternoon at the kitchen table... and all was right with the world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day

It only took me about two seconds to figure out that this was going to be a super fun school year.  I mean, look at those four blondies!  Not only are they cuties... but they are pretty stinkin' smart!  I think they might teach me a "thang" or two.

We had "First Day" cupcakes (compliments of my room mom) 
and they were yummy-delish!

 My own two are now middle schoolers and way far away in another building.  Sad. 

And I am STILL in third grade.

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's the Night Before School Starts and All Through the Classroom...

Last year I had fifteen.  This year I have four.  
Every year, no matter the number, I know that God gives me just who He intends 
my heart to love for their third grade year.  

I told Rebecca that we were going to be the "Fab Five" this year...
she said, "Small, but strong!"

In light of my new-found joy, it's a "quilty" theme this year!  Go figure.  
(When you only have four, you can stitch their names on your door display.)

I am glad!

Once it's full, we'll have a day full of fun!

(My spot!)

Looking forward to gathering them around me tomorrow for our first big day!  
And I know that...

Can't wait!