Monday, July 4, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This weekend the Lamb family took a trip down memory lane. We went to Bristol, TN/VA for a family reunion. On Saturday morning, Nana took us all on a walk down Euclid Ave, over to Prince Street, where she grew up.

It was a treat to see her house at 731 Prince Street. Nana said it was the "newest" house on the street when they moved in.

We made the loop around the block, past her elementary/middle/high school and ended up at the church where she met the Lord. Because of His work in her life, she raised three children who are raising children to love and walk with Him.

We left there and drove over to the Burger Bar to get a coke....which was on the same block as the drugstore where Nana had her first job as a teenager.

Then we took another walk down main street where we stood with our feet in two states.

We all anxiously anticipated the BEAUTIFUL drive to Mendota, VA....a tiny little town in the valley, just outside of Bristol, where we celebrated with extended family, and feasted on fried chicken and lots of homemade treats.

All the "little" cousins could not wait to get to the river!

It was one of my favorite moments! Generations of cousins laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying each other.
Baby David... the youngest (and cutest!) cousin.

The scenery at this place is just breathtaking...
"like living in a postcard" says Cousin Eva.

"Uncle" Andy spent most of the day in the water with a fishing pole.

We went on our traditional hayride through the community.
Cousin Eva led the singing!

The girls enjoyed sweet moments with their GREAT aunts, Barbara and Betsy, and their GREAT Uncle John.

We left around 7:00 to head down the road to the Carter Family Fold for some bluegrass and country dancing.

Nana...making memories with her grandchildren.

On Sunday, we went to Nana's childhood church. They had a patriotic service and my eyes filled up with tears when Uncle John proudly stood as they played his Navy Anthem.

It was a wonderful weekend of making memories....

... all because of three sisters.

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