Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camp Collins

The girls were invited for an overnight in the Collins camper which has been parked this week at a nearby campground. Isn't it a blessing when good friends provide such fun life experiences for your children!
From the fullness of HIS grace....John 1:16.

On Friday night, Andy and I joined the troops for a Low Country Boil and some sweet fellowship.

Suzanne... ain't she cute.... barefoot and pregnant and makin' some fabulous food!

Jake tended the fire most of the night.

And Princess Mia enjoyed an abundance of attention!

After dinner we played a mean game of "Charades"....

...complete with lots of hysterical laughter!

The troops were not very cooperative for a group picture...

and neither were their parents.

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  1. looks like tons of fun. oh how we love to camp :)
    popped over from heathers, life made lovely blog.