Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cousins Camp 2011 (Part 1)

On the first day of Cousins Camp this year we made our 2nd annual trip to Alabama Adventure. It was definitely an adventure! Nana came with us this year and rode all the rides.... cool Nana.

Last year Andy and I rode the Ferris Wheel with our girls. When we got to the top, the Ferris Wheel stopped for others to load on. I thought I was going to die. Right then and there, I promised God if He would safely get me off that thing, I would never get on again. I kept my promise this year.

Rebecca was disturbed by the twirly whirly thing that Aunt Laura,Uncle Tim, and Emily were on.

But she and I LOVED the rickety Rampage roller coaster that jerked us all over the place. I did too. You can jerk me around and even twirl me upside-down, but don't make me sit high in the sky on a Ferris Wheel. No thanks!

Everyone rode the log ride....wheeeee.

Andy (biggest kid in the family) played his usual games. Unfortunately he did not win anything this year. Secretly, I was glad. We still have this lovely dude from last year...

The best ride was definitely Buzz-saw Falls! There ain't no way you can avoid being drenched! The best part was standing on the deck waiting for the next boat to plunge. Refreshing!

Then we all went to the water park side.

It was a great start to our Cousins Camp adventures!

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