Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Happies

1. Every single piece of clothing in my house is washed, folded, and put away. (This has happened twice in my lifetime.)

2. My children ENTHUSIASTICALLY participated in household chores today which is alot of the reason for #1.

3. I remembered to purchase new shower curtain liners today at Target and only bought the items that were on my list and nothing more...THAT was an accomplishment.

4. I "got my workout on" early in the day...which is why it actually happened. (Most of the time I just put on my work out clothes and wear them all day...hoping.)

5. My husband was working in town today so I got to see him in the distance on my way to the YMCA.... made my heart skip a beat.

6. My children recited Bon Qui Qui all the way to Target and back which gave me a hearty laugh. "Is that what you done said?"

7. One and a half hour massage by Jennifer to me from Jennifer Martin who let me enjoy teaching her kid all year. Ahhhhh..... wonderful doesn't even begin to describe. I am still all floppy.

8. Amazing evening clouded sky..... the daily creativity of an AWESOME Creator..... painted for me to enjoy Him. Did you see those billowy beasts?

9. Dinner: Trader Joe's jarred Bolognese Sauce cooked with diced zucchini from our garden, pour into a greased casserole dish, sprinkled with parmesan, baked for, oh say, 25 minutes-ish, served with ORZO (love!), and some cucumbers/peppers/banana peppers/salt from our garden cut up and served as a side dish. Everyone happily devoured every bite! Easy!

10. new favorite organization tool.

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