Friday, July 29, 2011

Closing Doors

Earlier today, my youngest overheard a conversation I was having with her daddy on the phone. We were discussing current circumstances in our lives where God seems to keep closing doors, but doesn't seem to be opening other ones. I reminded him that, although the closed door seems like a loss right now, it could just be a blessing in disguise. (Confession: While verbalizing such "wisdom" to my husband, I was having trouble believing it myself.)

When we hung up, Caroline asked what I meant when I was talking to daddy about a "closed door". As I began to explain she said,

"Oh! Like Mia! The Collins prayed and longed to adopt a child and God closed door after door. He did that because He knew He had Mia waiting for them."
I love how God uses the "wisdom" of my children to tenderly remind me that He is in control.

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