Friday, June 28, 2013

Swim Lesson Gratitude

For all the new friends I made this week.... in the pool.

For how the girls delight to assist me... when they could be sleeping in and vegging out.

 For the cheers and beaming pride in their momma's eyes 
and for feeling a sense of accomplishment.

 For how they learned to "push away their fear" and tried new things and succeeded!

 For how the weather man projected storms everyday 
and not one day did we get rained out!

 For the sweet things they have to say and the sweet way the say it.

 For getting to teach a "big kid" group and learning strokes and diving and waking up a little sore from modeling the butterfly's been a long time!

 For Caroline and Caroline.

 For 16 swim students, four hour days, and the fun way God provided for our needs.

 For the Martin Family who graciously share their pool with us.

For Summertime joy and the fullness of life that is found in Him.

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