Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tree house... who knew?

Daddy is building a tree house....with a trap door. After 15 years of marriage he still surprises me with all his hidden talents. I've learned over the years that he can fix most anything in this house, run a whole new water line underneath, grow our vegetables, shoot our meat, catch our fish, build a picket fence, put on a pair of speed skates or ice skates and pick up right where he left off after 25 years (I can't!!!), play most any sport (except badminton!), etc, etc, etc. He created and built the girls swing-set from scratch, and now he is building a tree house. Do our girls know how blessed they are? Not because of the tree house, but because of the countless hours he spends reading to them, talking to them, singing to them (yes), praying with them, loving their mommy, telling them stories of how he grew up... the adventures he had and mistakes he made, and how God is working in his heart. The sweetest gift God has ever given me is a man who loves Him. I am looking forward to our first "tree house date"...after all, tree houses aren't just for kids.


  1. "The sweetest gift God has ever given me is a man who loves Him." AMEN. Enjoying your blog...

  2. Thanks Sarah! You should have so many sweet stories to tell.