Monday, June 24, 2013

Under the Water

I've been teaching swim lessons for a few weeks now.  Every week is different.  Every group is different.  Every kid is different.  I love them all.  They have the sweetest thoughts and ideas.  On day one they are thrilled to be there.  On day two they are feeling a little unsure.  On day three they often walk into swim lessons  saying things like:

"I don't wanna go under the water."

"Please don't let me go under the water."

"I don't want to go in the deep."

"Mrs. Alisa, are we going under the water today?"

I usually respond with something like, "I know you don't want to go under the water." in a very kind and gentle voice.  But since they are LEARNING to swim, being "under the water" is a necessary thing.

Yeah, well, in this here "life pool" I thought I was swimming good until God decided to take me a little deeper and then I got a little anxious and said things to Him like: 

"I don't like the deep."

"This is scary."

"Can we go back to the shallow.  It feels safe there...and comfortable.  I like comfortable."

But as long as I've been walking with Him, I know that God likes the deep water.  He likes to keep us at a place where we desperately cling to Him for dear life so we don't drown.  And pretty soon we realize, "You know this deep water isn't so bad.  I can do this."

Until He decides to take us deeper. 

What if you jump  
Just close your eyes  
What if the arms that catch you  
Catch you by surprise  
What if He's more than enough 
What if it's love

(Nichole Nordeman)

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