Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Describe Mrs. Lamb

My class has just begun this dandy book.  Shockingly (haha).... it is one of my favorites!  Somewhere along chapter, oh say, ONE!, we get a description of Mr. Corse, the teacher. 

"He was a slim, pale young man.  He was gentle and patient, and never whipped little boys because they forgot to spell a word."

And then I say something like this to my class:

"Oh!  Just like me!"

To which they all groan:

"No, Mrs. Lamb, not like you at all."

And then I promptly give them an assignment to write a descriptive paragraph about me.... and draw an illustration.  I realize that I am not "slim, pale, and young" like Mr. Corse.  And as every class will tell you, I am also not so good in the "patient" department.  But I did forbid them to describe me as "rosy and plump."  While writing, one of my students came up to ask me how to spell BEAUTIFUL.  (That student is now my favorite.)

Here are some bits and pieces of their paragraphs (with my thoughts in parenthesis!):

My teacher is very lovely and dresses good too.  Also she has good shoes.  (These things are important.)  Her laugh is very funny, but lovely.  (Funny, but lovely.  I'll take that.)  Also her earrings are lovely and she is nice.  (Nice use of the adjective "lovely".)

My teacher, Mrs. Lamb, is loud.  She doesn't yell, she's just loud.  (The louder you are, the better they understand.)  She loves to eat candy and her favorite candy is Now and Laters.  (A fact that every one of my classes seem to know even if I don't tell them.)

 My teacher is kind of loud, but she is kind and loving.  She lets us sit on her stool and her chair.  (Well not if I am planning to sit on them.)

My teacher is funny....sometimes.  (Sometimes?)

My teacher is nice and loud.  (Is that "nice and loud"?  or "nice AND loud"?)  She sometimes cries at the end of books.  She loves us and doesn't want to get us in trouble.  ( cute!)

My teacher is the most wonderful person I have ever met.  Well, besides Fluffles, my puppy.  (Wow.  Thanks!)  Her eyes get all teared up while she is reading stories.   But most of all she loves us like a family.  (That made my eyes "get all teared up.")

My teacher sometimes yells.  She gives us candy all the time.  She is so nice.  (Apparently "nice" trumps "yelling" when there is candy involved.)  When we read books, she really likes hearing about them.

My teacher is creative.  She makes boring things sound fun.  (Tricky.)  Her favorite thing to do is sit in her chair and tell us stories.  She laughs beautifully.

My teacher cannot get through some books without crying.  My teacher does not yell, she just talks loudly.  (Thanks for the clarification.)

My teacher is kind, sometimes loud, loving, and crafty.  When I say she is loving, I mean she loves my class very, very much.  (Awww.....I do!)  Sometimes she can hardly get through the end of stories because she is crying.  She is gentle, sometimes patient, and usually happy.  
She makes us laugh alot.  She loves to write and she likes to have everything NEAT.  (Amen brother!)  She is graceful.  (Graceful....awwww.)

My teachers favorite thing to do is have us go down on the floor and tell her about our weekend.  She is the best AND ONLY third grade teacher I will ever have and that is why I like her so much!  (The only one she'll ever have...sweet.)

My teacher is really LOUD.

I think it is safe to say that "I am loud" and "I often cry at the end of books."  I also think it is safe to say that I have definitely chosen the right career to feel loved, enjoyed, and appreciated....even if it was an assignment! 

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