Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Perspective in the Lilies

 My husband isn't a blogger.  It took him about 4 years to join the Facebook world, and he rarely posts a "status".  He's what we call in our house, a "liker" and a "commenter".  So I thought I'd share with you a perspective that our family gets to enjoy on a daily basis in him. 

 Fields of lilies at Kasui Lily Gardens

"Usually in the Spring I don't get to enjoy it as much as others since with my career I am helping others enjoy it. But today I was reminded of a simple yet profound truth. My wife cut some Daylilies and placed them on our table at dinner. This reminded me of Matthew 6:28-30 in that something as simple as a Daylily in God's eyes is more profound than Solomon in all his splendor. What a statement!  Daylilies are named as they are because each bloom lives and dies in one day. They glorify God each day that they bloom. That is all the time they have to shine, yet in that one day they are more beautiful than one of the richest kings in history and we are much more valuable than a Daylily in God's sight. Have faith my friends and remember this when you see the Daylilies blooming."
Andy Lamb

(Thanks for the rare Facebook post, Sweetheart, 
...and thanks for planting the Daylilies.)


  1. Awesome picture. I didn't plant them but they are from bulbs and called asiatic lillies. Cool plant.

    1. Above comment from the hubs. Of course I do not know the type of lily in the picture. He's the expert.