Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unexpected Birthday Surprise

She turns fourteen today.  About a week ago, a sweet friend of mine read this post and sent Rebecca a little facebook message that read:

Rebecca, Steve read your mom's blog and he has a Canon AE1 with a couple of lens that you can get for a "steal!" He will give it to you if you are interested. Hope you can still buy film! Freda

A day later she arrived with the camera.  It thrilled Rebecca's soul.  We went for film and a battery and that sweet camera was good to go.  

She has been snapping to her hearts content.   We've already dropped off two rolls of film.  (Can you believe CVS still develops in house???)  I reckon she'll be more selective about her shots when she sees the price tag she has to pay for those two rolls.

So grateful for this girl, her joy in this sweet act of kindness, 
and dear friends who delight to share.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!


1 comment:

  1. Such a nice story!
    And, by the way, the colors in these photos are absolutely brilliant! I'm loving the pink and greens ... not to mention your daughter's beautiful smile! :)