Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fourteen Years of Gratitude

  1.  Grateful for her was LONG, it was hard, but it was all worth it.

2.  Grateful for her delight in others... it is genuine and kind and truly seeks the good.

 3.  Grateful for her friendships.... for how she likes to have lots of them, and how she enjoys people- their thoughts, and ways, and ideas.

 4.  Grateful for how she loves her sister, for their beautiful friendship, for how God chose to make them close in age and close in spirit.  Caroline's birthday card to Rebecca:  "Thank you for being a great friend, for loving me and always looking out for me."  She is that kind of sister.

 5.  Grateful for her wit and smarts.

 6.   Grateful that she is not only my daughter, but my sister in Christ.  Praise God for her salvation.
7.  Grateful for the gifts God gave her and how she sharpens me and encourages me.

  8.  Grateful for her weaknesses and watching His power made perfect in them.

 9.  Grateful for how she makes me belly laugh... for our "car talks" about life and being at a place in her little life where she "gets it" and can laugh at the days to come.

 10.  Grateful for how she likes to antique shop, and fabric shop, and clothes shop, and get some Starbucks.

11.  Grateful for how easy it is for her to say, "I'm sorry."

 12.  Grateful for her delight in the little ones, her joy in the things they say, and how God is shaping her nurturing skills through the cutest of  munchkins.

 13.  Grateful for how she doesn't mind leaving her clothes on the floor and her bed unmade...because I am nothing like that and, in a small way, wish I could be at peace in a mess.

14.  Grateful for FOURTEEN years with her.  She is a precious part of our family.... a joy to have as a daughter and a sister and a friend.  I'm glad God chose me to be her momma.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

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  1. Beautifully said! She is wise beyond her years! Well done Mom and Dad!