Monday, June 10, 2013

Mother-Daughter Road Trip

We took a little road trip with these two to Charlotte.

It was an adventure that included thrift shopping, fabulous food, and a midnight evacuation of our hotel because someone burnt toast!

There was also quite a bit of laughter...

...and a whole lot of fun.

The Depot at Gibson Mill was filled with happy!   
(I mean, just look at those adjectives!)

We stayed for three hours.  There were 640 booths.... wow!

Rebecca is all about the old cameras.  She is determined to find one in working condition for a steal.

A LAMB mason jar!  Are you kidding me???

A Family Affair was my favorite childhood show.  I loved "Mrs. Beasley", Buffy's doll, and longed for one of my very own.

I have searched the internet and local stores for a reasonably priced bike basket.  Imagine my delight when Suzanne spotted this one!  

Bebe...we thought you needed these.  

A "quilted" cookie jar!

There was booth after booth of charming little places like the above.

Some with great wisdom..

Some with old sheets...

And some with old Singers!

I was so thankful to get this time with her.  
She LOVES this kind of shopping and we had such fun together.  

My mom and dad still have one of these in the kitchen...
with the long cord and the circle dial. 

We found piles of vintage pillowcases!

And some fine evening wear.

And then it was off to IKEA!

And dinner.... Rebecca and I split the Pear and Blue Cheese Flatbread with caramelized onions and arugula.  It was amazing!!!  (I love that she likes the "fancy food.")

Of course there was the usual Target stop...

And a trip to West Elm...ahhhhh.  (Mabry said, "I could stay in here ALL DAY!")

Their favorite show is Design wonder they love the "home decor" stores!

It was a fun 48 hours....

We found some treasures...

 ...and treasured the time with  friends!

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