Saturday, June 22, 2013


I recently overheard my daughter talking to a friend who had been given his grandfather's gun.  She proceeded to tell him all the animals he could shoot with it and what kind of shells to use for which animals.

Last night we had a little shin dig at McConnell Hall with Andy's guys and their families.  It was nice to have the fellowship with them all... a happy evening.


 We shot some skeet ("We" being Andy and the girls) and I admired their skills.  My two dainty girly-girls were popping skeet left and right.  And their father hit a few too.

 "Pull!"~ Shoot!~ (Drop the Shell.)  and again and again.

 This chick shot three in a row...more than once.

 I'm glad they are growing up with a variety of skills.  

And I'm glad they like to go hunting and fishing with him...

 ...cause then I don't have to.

 It was a fun-filled evening.

Grateful for the gift of it!

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