Friday, June 24, 2011

Growth through Cupcakes

The girls made devils food cupcakes today with mint chocolate chip butter cream icing. There was only one squabble which involved the older sister being bossy and the younger sister being stubborn. It happens often in our house. Rebecca does not like to be at odds with her sister and was quick to make things right. Caroline is not always immediately receptive to an apology and typically likes to "be mad for a while"...she got that from me (bummer). Caroline's apologies are not often immediate, but always sincere when they finally come. It is not always easy for me to sit back and watch, keep my mouth closed, and let God do the work in their hearts. I'm learning.

In the end, there was restoration
and a plate full of beautiful cupcakes.

Tonight we celebrated with Caroline as she presented her hard work from a wonderful week at DOZ Camp....praising God with the timbrel and the dance. (Psalm 150:4)

Daughters of Zion....a wonderful ministry of New Covenant Church!

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