Saturday, June 11, 2011

Backstroke and Butterfly...among other things

You know that nervous feeling you get in your stomach when your kid is about to do something for the first time.... as if you're about to do it yourself?

Well, here she is...

...swimming her very first event at her very first swim meet.


She won her heat and finished 5th in the event. My heart swelled up with pride so big you would have thought I'd won the gold medal in the Olympics.
It's one of those wonderful parts of being a parent.

Proud Daddy.

And her sister (the veteran swimmer of one year) didn't do too bad herself.
Look at that girl swim the butterfly!
It was a great day of swimming!

All tuckered out.

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  1. Good job to your girls! I have a question--what is that container type thing in your car with the books in it? I love that idea! We often have books in the car but not a good plan for storage.