Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been recording my gratitude in a notebook for the last several weeks thanks to the tender motivation of this book. Ann Voskamp (the author) is well beyond one thousand gifts. I am only on #127. Caroline picked up my little notebook on Sunday and started reading my "thankfuls" aloud. She promptly informed me that I had written "A good night's sleep" four different times. I am always thankful for that! Here is a collection of my thoughts over the last week:

#112 A good night's sleep

#113 Morning birdsong

#114 The promise of everlasting joy (Is. 61:7)

#115 Pool parties

#116 Reading glasses

#117 A sneeze-free morning

#118 The girls' genuine thanksgiving in their prayers

#119 From garden to table: Zucchini Bread

#120 Bethany serving in Haiti

#121 Samuel

(and here Caroline picked up my book and added her own "gifts" to my list...)

#122 Swim Meets

#123 Preachers who preach truth

#124 Hands to cook with

#125 Ears to hear the gospel

(...and then she requested her own little notebook). Being deliberate about my gratitude is chasing away the anxiety that often looms over daily life....and for that I am so thankful. Phil. 4: 6-7


  1. 1) Are you kidding? I should TOTALLY put a good night's sleep on my list EVERY time IF I'm fortunate enough to actually have one!!

    2) Hands to cook's one I take for granted but it's true; there are those who don't have that luxury. :/

    Your entire list makes me happy :)

  2. i love your list!
    & i truly loved that book too.
    i also wanted to thank you for such a sweet comment about emi and the mission trip and especially the wide margin of grace He gives