Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snickers Sonic Blast

Andy and Caroline went to run some errands together. On their way home Andy called me to see what Rebecca and I would like from Sonic as a treat after dinner. I told him that I didn't want anything, but Rebecca wanted an Oreo Sonic Blast. When he got home, Rebecca was in the kitchen and I was in another room. Andy informed Rebecca that they did not have any Oreos, so he got her a Snickers Sonic Blast.

Soon after, I walked into the kitchen and saw the Snickers Sonic Blast in the freezer. Ahhhh.....Snickers is my FAVORITE! This conversation followed:

Me: Rebecca, I thought you wanted an Oreo Sonic Blast.

Rebecca: I did. They didn't have any Oreos.

Me: Oh fun! I bet you thought, "Oh fun! This is mommy's favorite. I can share it with her."

Rebecca: Well actually, my very thought was, "Oh no! This is mommy's favorite and she is going to want me to share it with her and she is going to eat half of it."

We both died laughing. After dinner, I tried to restrain myself to two bites. Next time, I will take my husband up on his offer.

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