Monday, May 16, 2011

Paying Attention

It's the little moments in the day that I so often miss enjoying. Lately I have been asking God to help me pay attention.

Today I payed attention when Caroline left the table to say hello to her dog in the backyard. I took a moment to enjoy her little friend there on her math book.

I left the kitchen for a moment after preparing the salads for dinner, and this is what I found when I returned....

....somebody couldn't wait. Sweet.

We are in the middle of ANOTHER project, courtesy of Mrs. Mary Long. Today, Caroline and I researched that New Orleans is below sea level and how it has been affected by Hurricane Katrina and currently threatened by the Mississippi flooding.....which led us into conversation about the losses in Alabama.

As we walked in the door after dropping Rebecca off at the Y, Caroline recognized out loud the blessings of having steps to walk up, a front door to walk in, and a home to enjoy. I'm glad God is teaching her to "pay attention" too.

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