Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When your actions don't back up your words

This afternoon I was fussing at Rebecca for not promptly getting off the computer when asked. Actually, "fussing" is probably not the best term for it. After she yelled at me from two rooms away to "HOLD ON", I stopped, took a deep breath, and asked God to help me calmly discuss with her the inappropriateness of her response.

Me: Did you just hear yourself? You just told me to "HOLD ON."

R: I did?

Me: Yes. Loudly. You yelled it at me.

R: Oh. Sorry.

Me: In case you forgot, I am your mother, and that is probably not the best way to speak to me. (Sometimes sarcasm helps.)

She laughed and apologized again. I was pricked by the Lord and confessed to her how the computer can be an idol in my life too. Sometimes it is more important than people. I am sure that I have told my girls to "HOLD ON" a time or two when what I was doing was not really that important. Maybe more than a time or two. Sometimes, I guess it is better for them to learn from my confession than from my example.

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