Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids These Days

I spent my mother's day weekend at Myrtle Beach on the junior high youth beach retreat as designated "camp cook" along with my dear friend, Elizabeth. My car was packed to the hilt with all the food. When we arrived on Friday night (11:00pm!), I dreaded unloading the car and the long haul of food up all those flights at the beach house. I got out of my car and opened the back hatch. Before I had a chance to blink (literally) the car was empty. I had not lifted a finger. Even my own belongings had been delivered to my "own room" (with Elizabeth) in the beach house. Wow. This is gonna be nice.... I thought. And "nice" is just an understatement.

"Nice" can't even begin to describe the pleasantness of the whole experience. I watched "tweens" and teens love one another, accept one another, serve one another. I watched them be gracious, and loving, and kind. I watched them sing praises to the Lord without any inhibition. I watched them eager to hear the Word of the Lord... feast upon it, live it. I watched them laugh hysterically and be silly. I heard them appreciate my hard work preparing their meals. I watched my daughter as she sat and listened intently as her youth leader spoke truth to her from the scriptures and I remembered.... just yesterday that was me.

"His mercy extends to those who fear Him, from generation to generation."
Luke 1:50

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