Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perfectionism can be really ugly.

Poor kid. Sometimes it's a real pain having me for a mom, and I feel for her. She has this project due on Tuesday.... China during the Middle Ages. Although she has been fascinated by the subject (as she is with most anything related to History), I have been bored to tears. Good thing I didn't research a bit of it, nor help or compose any of her paragraphs for all of her specific required info. I do, however, care deeply about how appealing the final product looks. Can we say, "Obnoxious Project Mom!"

Those of you who are like me understand that all pictures must be mounted on cardstock to create a nice border around it. Because I am a teacher, I know that my daughter must do ALL OF THE WORK on her project. I, however, am the self-appointed "Pictures on the Cardstock Mounter"... I just can't give that up.

Today, while I am doing my job, I am barking out orders so that we can get this thing done. Of course, while she types and prints, we run out of one color of ink and can no longer print in color. Meanwhile, the tape-runner runs out of tape and there are no spares to refill it. I am getting agitated, and it is obvious. I just want this thing done so that I can sit down on the couch and read my book...AFTER ALL IT IS SUNDAY AND I SHOULD GET TO REST!!!!!

We took a break. We put the kettle on. We had some tea together. We talked. I told her how my mom used to be about school projects. I told her I had a problem with perfectionism. She said, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Mom." She already recognizes that she is so much like me. Tomorrow we will go to the store(s) and get the tape runner refill and the ink cartridge and we will finish the project... and I will try to enjoy it.

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