Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Blink.

People tried to tell us.  They tried to tell us how quickly it would pass.... to soak it up.  "They'll be grown before you know it," they'd say.  It was hard to believe in the midst of the changing diapers and the necessity for somebody's eyes to be watching at all times.  It was such a physical time... no rest for the weary.  Constant, constant, constant.  I was so excited for the night(s) when Andy let me go walk around Target by myself for an hour.  

Last night, Caroline and I were invited to celebrate that little cowboy's second birthday.  Caroline was delighted to be the "cowgirl assistant" for the happy occasion.  Line-Line (as he calls her) was so cute in her boots and braids.  I enjoyed watching her enjoy the little ones.  My little one.

There were so many squishy faces....

 And this little face...looking longingly at the absolutely precious.

His mommy said he waited all day to get his hands on that cow.

He said his favorite part was the "boons" on his back.

I LOVED being there..... watching new mommies and daddies be new mommies and daddies.  

This morning I walked into church and saw this little munchkin...

wearing one of Rebecca's dresses. 

My eyes filled up with tears.  I told an older gentleman how it tugged on my heart to see that.  I miss it.  He (whose two have already married and moved out) said, "Just be glad they still live under your roof!"  So true, and I am going to keep my eyes wide open and enjoy every minute of it.   

Happy Birthday Big Boy!  I'm so glad you were born!


  1. You captured some great moments... and they do grow up sooo fast. ;-)

  2. I am realizing how quickly it is going now that our oldest is 8. I want to know where the instruction manual for freezing time is. That birthday cake is seriously amazing!

  3. Precious memories to cherish !