Monday, May 13, 2013



My best friend's son was uniquely designed by God with one more chromosome than the rest of us.  This makes for an interesting life for her.... much different than what my life looks like.  She teaches me so much just by how she lives it... life, that is.

On Sunday, we took communion.  Her family was just down the row from us.  Her son decided to take the cup.  In her effort to help him, the cup's contents spilled all over them both. Needless to say, this all but ruined her moment of quiet with the Lord.  "Remembering" would have to wait.  They crawled over the quiet row to get to the bathroom for a "clean-up".

When they returned, with wet stained clothes,  her husband handed her her own full cup.  She laughed and said, "Are you kidding me? I am in no shape to take that right now."

Her story got me thinking.  Are any of us ever really in any shape to take it?  I think her story is just what communion is all about.  After hearing it today, I sent her this text:

I was thinking about Caleb and the spilled communion "wine" and how all of that is really a picture of what communion is all about.... how desperately we need a Savior.

And here is her precious response:

And how if my heart was "right" I wouldn't need that cup in the first place.  Desperate is right.... thankful for Grace!  

And the sweetest part of the story:

(She later texts...)  And I just knew I'd never be able to get all those stains out of his shirt... but they all washed out...perfectly clean... Now that will preach.

And "preach" it does.


(Thank you, friend, for permission to share a little part of your story.)


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