Sunday, May 19, 2013


My camera was broken.  Something was not working right in the automatic mode.  I was trying really hard not to be "devastated" ... after all, it's just a camera.  (Waaaah.)

I thought maybe if I just took it in to Best Buy and found a "nice camera person", maybe they could tell what was the matter.  I did find a "nice camera person", but they could not  tell what was the matter.  Bummer.

They did however suggest that it might still be under warranty.  I immediately said, "Oh no.  We never buy the extra coverage.  I'm sure it's not still under warranty."  They checked anyway.  And then proceeded to say,  "Oh yes.  It has two more months of warranty.  We will send it off and if they cannot resolve the problem, they will send you a new one."  Just like that.  (I feel sure one of God's "Warranty Angels" came down and extended it.)

 I picked it up on Friday.  Good as new.  

And now I am back taking all my silly, unnecessary photos.

In all the little details of my life... I'm so thankful He cares about the "extra coverage".

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