Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Lately

Photo: Beach Retreat 2013. Lets go back please!

The past two weeks have been full of busy.  You know, the kind of busy that requires frequent quick trips to the grocery store to get this and that with no time for the "big shop".  You know, the kind of busy that says, "Let's scrap the grocery store and run through Chick-Fil-A instead."  You know, the kind of busy that causes your kids/husband/self to start pulling things out of the dirty clothes basket to wear.  Yeah.  That kind of busy.

 Photo: First stop, of course! Jr. highers are awesome, but I may need some caffeine to make it.... Fun with my friend!

Yesterday, I was feeling like some of that crazy was diminishing for a bit.  I thought, "Ahhhh.  Today, I can go home and get my house in order, wash some clothes, COOK dinner, and maybe even pull out my sewing machine. We walked in the door and Caroline announced, "My project is due tomorrow."  

 Photo: Best buds beachin' it.

Project?  You are kidding me.  I hate projects.  I hate projects, because I cannot NOT be involved in projects.  Not because my kids involve me.  But because I involve myself.... whether they want me to or not. 


I suddenly slumped into a semi-depressed state.  When will it ever end???  Life is so constant.  Can't a girl just quilt!

Photo: Windblown with my baby... Our excursion is coming to an end:)  #yeehaw
Earlier this week, I snuck off to the coffee shop with a friend.  We soaked up thirty minutes of fellowship with a half-priced frapp.  And as we left I realized something. 


This hurried, scurried, crazy life is just that...LIFE.  And driving through "drive-thrus" or cooking at home, remembering projects and moms overly involved, clean clothes put away and dirty clothes worn out of the hamper... it's all just LIFE.  Soak it up and LIVE it. 


And every once in a while you'll get a half-priced frappacino out of it and thirty minutes with a friend.


Here is some of LIFE I've been grateful for over the past two weeks:

  • Abundant work that has kept my husband busy and encouraged.
  • A freshly planted garden...with the promise of homegrown veges and TOMATOES!
  • How he remembers to plant the dahlias too.  (My favorite!)
  • Beach trippin' with the Jr High and all the fun that's worth all the weariness.
  • How Mary Elisabeth sang at the top of her lungs on the car ride down.... and back!
  • Remembering old Amy Grant tunes with her...eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain, knowing what your going through and feeling it the same.
  • Sweet Rosana...her wisdom and love for jr high kids.
  • One year of chaperoning both girls on the beach trip.
  • Watching them sing praises with all their heart and soul.
  • How those are the tunes that they sing through the house...along with plenty of pop and country:)
  • How he stays up late reading his Bible.
  • Grammar school kids, Go to the Ant Program, and watching them sing the wisdom of scripture with such life and joy.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week...feeling appreciated.
  • Caroline and the 6th grade girls with a second place win in the NCS Talent Show...cuteness.
  • Driving my girls here, there, and yonder and the joy of hearing their thoughts about life.
  • How much they enjoy each others company...a gift!
  • History projects, frappacinos, and fellowship.

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  1. Love singing and making memories with you! So thankful for You and the way you accept me the way I am <3