Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Gratitude

 For spontaneous celebrations with burgers and brats... 
and the simple fun of a water hose.

For willing men and women who serve 
even though the cost is great and freedom isn't free.

For the ultimate freedom I have in Christ to rest 
and not fear the temporary trouble of this world.

For how they wake and curl up on the couch with yogurt... and His Word.

For seven little munchkins learning to swim and the privilege of teaching them.  

For the joy it brings to hear their thoughts.

For bearable temps in the pool...brrrr.

 For the gift of a school year ending on a happy note.

For the gift of a summer break.

 For a garden growing.

For new bathing suits.

For gracious hosts and festive atmospheres and belly laughs...
in spite of the weight of life.

For plans to look forward to.  

For how they work it out...without me.  

For the things he says with no effort.. that encourage and make me feel special.

 For strawberry "picking" and the privilege of a patch just up the road.

For new babies... all full and healthy, arriving on a memorable day!

For tradition with a twist... 
a flag cake with sugar cookie dough and sweetened cream cheese!

For Hank...and how he snuggles!!

For the questions she asks and the depth of her wisdom.

For this!...one of our favorites, and singing at the top of our lungs.

 For how a song of thanks steadies everything.

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