Friday, June 1, 2012

"Everyday" Gratitude

Running "here, there, and yonder" dropping off young'uns at "this, that, and the other".... so GRATEFUL to be "that mom!"

A happy moment with Samuel

Nana's Visit

"American Family Scale".... score!

Wedding Invites

Old Vintage Quilt Tops... tossed and disregarded:(

Projects completed

The "Sunni" flowers my sweet friend surprised me with!

Checks in the mail! 

"Summer Stack" of reading

Kid Cocktail.... and how it delighted her.

Summer Outdoor Movie Night

A Budding Seamstress...Yippee!

An hour to myself at Target

Thank you notes from Caleb

Enjoying National Donut Day... all thanks to her.

Lucy's Crab Shack...ahhhh.

Birthday Parties

And all the "prep work"

When he walks in the back favorite moment of the day:)

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  1. Grateful for your visit and friendship. Love you!