Thursday, June 7, 2012

On this Summer Day...

I woke at 6:30 and snuck out to walk all by myself.... earphone-less with nothing but the song of the birds.  
I LOVED IT!  I like to walk far away from the house, and then walk back.  (I'm not a fan of circles.)

Titus informed me he is not a fan of I was taking this.

When I returned, I made Andy's lunch and sat down with a piping hot cup of coffee and my new study, 
"Knowing God", which I have to read REALLY SLOW cause it's deeeeeep. 

The girls and I were then off to Lowe's for a 2x8x12 that I had cut into 15 pieces for a craft project I'm doing with the Jr High girls tomorrow night.  My conversation with the young guy cutting my pieces went something like this:

Me:  I need these for a craft project I am doing.  
I wonder how many mommas you get in here needing wood for craft projects.

Lowe's Guy:  Not too many.

Rebecca rolled her eyes and promptly whispered "you're so weird" to me when he wasn't looking.  
(My weirdness has been more apparent to her since she hit 7th grade.)
Helping Lauren.

We made a quick trip into Michaels for the last of the necessities and then raced home.....famished! 

After throwing some lunch together  (my current fave is Palmetto jalapeno pimento cheese!), 
we welcomed some friends over for an afternoon playdate/"get a little project done" time.

It was a little far-fetched to think that much would be accomplished...

Bethany thought the pin cushion was a little pillow...she tried it out.

...but with the help of two sweet "tween-agers", we actually did accomplish a few things!

Iker with Caroline who is holding a picture of them one year ago...cute.

Jr High Girls Craft Project example... that was fun!

Some mighty cute pants... 

and a few good laughs over this soon to be "dolly". 

After our "playdate" I ran to pick up our scrumptious dinner (courtesy of Mr. Matt Lusk) and sat down with my family for a little BBQ feast.  Daddy told stories of his mom's mom, Nanny, and how she used to take her wig on and off, and her teeth in and out, and make everyone laugh.... which of course we all did, as well.  Daddy tells the best stories!

Capturing the "Joy Making Day" at a time.


  1. Your ”weirdness” is so adorable:-) I am actually laughing heartily at this, since I heard it said when you came by last week. Fun project! We should make some at our slumber party!

  2. Crafting is so much more fun with good friends! Thanks (to you AND your girls!)for making it such a joyful day.