Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hair Accessories and Some Baby Love

For our first full week of Summer, Nana came for a visit!  Yippee!  Nana's visits are always a big fat treat!

We finished planting the flower garden...

And watched it rain for a bit.  Ahhhh.... summer rain.

We've done quite a bit of grilling out.  Sliders are our favorite!

Bebe schemed up a plan to take our girls to get "let's celebrate summer" hair feathers.  They both chose pink.

I will always remember the look on Bebe's face when this lady whipped out her selection of larger feathers.... 
"we'll stick with the smaller ones, but thanks."

These two were quite pleased with their new hair accessories....  pretty stinkin' cute!

Joel thought that Bebe and I should get some.  We declined.

It was fun sharing the experience with Nana!

We also made a trip out to see these two little chicks.... and the rest of their family.

Little Miss has learned how to give some love!

Caroline and Emma created some concoctions in the kitchen....they love to do that.

And these two just like to "whole up" in the room and talk.

And we all got a little dousing of "baby love".

Summertime fun... 

... enjoying our moments one splash at a time!

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