Saturday, June 9, 2012

24 Hours of Fun

While Daddy and Caroline headed out for a Daddy/Daughter Camp Out...

I had the privilege of doing the "craft" for the Junior High Girls' Annual Summer Slumber Party at the "Hall's Ranch".  

With piles of fabric and patterned paper, the girls went to town on their little wooden picture frame blocks.

These girls had the blessing of two fantastic "big sisters" for the evening, Miss Layne and Miss Rossana, who love on them each week at Youth Group.  I'm so thankful for how they choose to use their free time to invest in these girls' lives 
(especially since "my girl" is one of them.)

Squishy faces!

And a big fat THANK YOU to sweet Mrs. Martha for hosting this happy event!

 I had a delightful time watching them CREATE! 

I left this party for my own little slumber party with this little booger...

(before make-up)

...who gave me lots of kisses!
(after make-up)

Samuel and his momma and I had a jolly good time!

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  1. :-) he just puckered up looking at your pictures!