Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Gratitude

1239.  A little beach get-away for our family of four.... to "cozy up" with one another and ENJOY each others company.

1240.  How the burden lifts because I am deliberate about laying it at Your feet and resting in You.

1241.  The girls...swimming with the dolphins at dusk.

1242.  The beautiful skies and perfect temperatures.  The sunshine with cool breezes...ahhhh.

1243.  Learning the "secret" of contentment...learning.

1244.  Sisters who really like each other.


1246.  The cozy, quaint little Inn where we stayed and the kind words of the ladies in the office.

1247.  How the girls (reluctantly) indulge me and all my picture taking shenanigans.

1248.  Eating our homemade dinner on our little balcony and how everyone genuinely enjoyed it.

1249.  How Andy wanted to share a few verses with us and chose a passage about FISH (go figure!) and how he gave details and background and a commentary as he read and how it took FOREVER, 
but how he faithfully instructs his family from the scriptures and reminds us that God does the impossible over and over and how His Word brings peace to our spirits.

1250.  Ice cream on the dock of the Marina and singing "Take me home, country roads" with the whole crowd.

1251.  Making friends on the beach....the cute dog who was afraid of the ocean and made us all laugh.

1252.  Your promise to provide.

1253.  Watching her in the waves.... her delight in Your creation!

1254.  The thrill of catching one on my one and only cast!  

1255.  How the girls LOVE their daddy and think of him before themselves.... most of the time.

1256.  How he fishes til well past dark.

1257.  Our little trip over to Coligny plaza (leaving daddy to fish!) and a treat from Sweet Carolina Cupcakes (all thanks to a tip from Bebe) and how the three of us sat in the middle of the bed that night and devoured it...and how yummy it was!

1258.  Our bike ride from South Beach to Harbour Town and how much fun it was; 
the breeze & the alligators...and the laughter.

1259.  Bright, bright days.

1260.  How he likes to "stop and smell the roses"... or watch the waves.

1261.  His promise to "light our path"...Psalm 119:105

1262.  The nice guy at the Blue Water Tackle Shop who put the girls new croakies on their sunglasses.

1263.  Piddlin' with my girls.

1264.  The vivid colors in Creation that man cannot replicate.  
A much needed get away that allows for time and energy to notice.

1265.  How Andy constantly recognizes to me and the girls how much we have to be thankful for.

1266.  Reflecting over the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish on the drive home and how faith was all that they had.

1267.  The gift of the daddy God gave them.  Happy Father's Day!


  1. I just love you and this post. God is so good and faithful all the time. I'm glad we're friends.

    1. Thanks Kit! Been praying for you as you embark on this new season of life. I am excited for you!