Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Director

I've watched her grow up, taught her in the fifth grade, and enjoyed sweet friendship with her mom....  so six months ago when she called and asked me to be her wedding director, the only answer was "Yes!"

I got off the phone with her and had this conversation with myself:

"Yes?  You said 'Yes!'  What are you thinking?  You don't know how to direct a wedding.  
Who do you think you are???""

On her wedding day, I bustled around at the church all day greeting florists, and grandparents, and groomsmen, and guests.  All the while, she and her bridesmaids got ready and had all their pictures taken at the fancy hotel next to the church.  It wasn't until I had sent all the bridesmaids down the aisle that she and her daddy reached the top of the steps and  stood at the closed door to go down the aisle.  

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Mrs. Lamb, tell me something funny so I won't cry."

It was the first moment I saw her all day.  That little blonde headed, blue-eyed, fifth grade girl was all grown up and ready to go down the aisle.  My eyes filled up with tears and I said,

"I can't!!!  You're sooooo beautiful!!!" 

And there I was, the wedding director, in a heap.

But she made it down the aisle to the most beautiful young man.  Their wedding was just as it should be... a service where lasting vows were made, hearts were united, and the Lord was high and lifted up.  

What a privilege it was to be a part of it.  

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. William Charles Thomas Plonk!

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  1. What a wonderful director you were -- and so much more! Thank you for all you did to make the wedding a Christ honoring, amazing day for all involved -- we would never have made it without you...seriously!! Thank you for all the ways you have given of your life to our family over the are very loved by the Settle family...and now the Plonk family :)