Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wearing out his Welcome

I remember the day we got it.  The girls were tiny and we all went to Atlanta to pick it up....all the way trusting God that if He wanted us to have it, all the details would play out just as He intended.  They did and we followed daddy home in his new (to us!) truck we affectionately named Snoopy.  Today we jubilantly said goodbye.  Snoopy was replaced quite a few months ago by a new (to us!) "Monster Truck"... or, at least, that's what I call it.  It is big, and loud, and mean!  However, Snoopy wasn't eager to leave and nobody seemed to want him.  We were eager for him to go.  God was not.  So he sat and he sat and he sat.

Currently, I can hear my (delightfully giddy) husband talking to the girls in the other room.  He is talking about how God wants us to trust Him, how we don't always understand His timing, but we can trust that He is always working out His plan in our lives.  While we are waiting, He is working.  I suppose the nine months it took us to sell the darn thing was worth it.... I suppose.  'Cause while we are learning these great lessons of faith and trust.... so are our dear little munchkins. And for that, I am so thankful!

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