Thursday, November 24, 2011

800+ Thankfuls on Thanksgiving Day

Continuing to celebrate His gifts of Thanksgiving..... on this Thanksgiving day!

807.  Safe drive to Nana's house a midst traffic and rain.

808.  Sharing our thankfuls in the car.

809.  Recognizing Your amazing evening sky.

810.  Singing Justin Bieber Christmas.

811.  A good night's sleep at Nana's house.

812.  How Caroline is excited that I am up so she can join me on the couch and read.

813.  How she is loving her Nancy Drew book...curled up reading in her pjs.

814.  How Aunt Betsy prayed at 5am that if Uncle John wasn't going to get any better that You would go ahead and take him... how at 6am he passed into Your kingdom.

815.  The comfort of knowing You are meeting all of our daily needs.

816.  Getting Andy's "Leatherman" back from the Coke Museum and the ease of it all.

817.  Itchy and watery eyes that are better!

818.  Just being at Nana's house.

819.  The joy tradition brings... bringing the homemade hot chocolate year after year.

820.  Nana's eggs and bacon and just how she does things.... puttering around in the kitchen.

821.  How Caroline offers to help... her sensitivity to the needs of others.

822.  Hearing their conversation.

823.  How freeing it is to not try to control things.

824.  Letting things go.

825.  Learning about PRAYER.

826.  Holidays

827.  The smell of the fresh brewed coffee.

828.  How Nana and Caroline discuss how the pork chops are more flavorful if they have the bone-in.  How she comes to tell me that we need to get our pork chops with the bone-in.

829.  Their laughter as they discuss things.

830.  Oh my!  Coffee is so much better when someone else makes it.  Everything is so much better when someone else makes it!

831.  The pleasure of this very moment! 

832.  My morning with Rebecca and Nana... TJMaxx and HomeGoods.

833.  Sitting with Rebecca at Barnes and Noble reading magazines and drinking fancy coffee while we wait on Nana to get her hair done.

834.  Picking out 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for all of the cousins.

835.  Our hike at Oak Mountain State Park and how everyone laughed and enjoyed the outdoors together.

836.  The perfect weather for a hike.

837.  Coming home to the squealing Smith boy cousins...and the reuniting and the joy.  

838.  How they all LOVE Uncle Andy and sit on him and how he does "airplanes" and how he gets them all wound up just before bed.

839.  How Hoke talks to Uncle Andy about fishing and hunting and "bear-was" (bears)... too cute!

840.  How Sawyer, at 7, sits and reads the Plymouth Rock story to me....perfect, every word.

841.  How Sawyer says, "Let's sing a Thanksgiving song!" and then bursts into singing, "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart" and how we all join in.

842.  How David just likes to say "Uncle Andy" over and over again and how cute it sounds in his little voice.

843.  Nana's egg casserole and coffee with cream and sugar and my oj with one cube of ice and how she just knows and makes everything so warm and wonderful.

844.  A good night's sleep curled up by my sweetheart in a cold room with lots covers.... how he breathes heavy and sleeps deep.

845.  Curled up in the chair with Hoke reading the Target Toy Catalog...picking out our favorites.

846.  Addressing all my Christmas Card envelopes....done!

847.  Stepping in pee-pee on the bathroom floor this morning...somebody missed!

848.  Talking about Uncle John..... remembering sweet memories.

849.  Thinking of him reuniting with his daughter in heaven.

850.  Being at PEACE in the midst of life's struggle.


  1. Alisa what a joy to read your "thankfuls". They make me laugh, smile, and even cry.

  2. such a "joy" to connect with you in B'ham!! and then to come home to your sweet comment. we did have a good trip home, thankfully!
    so wonderful to meet kindred spirits...sisters in Christ. it was encouraging to be together. i love your blog and your thankfuls brought tears...