Monday, August 1, 2011

Squishy Faces

This morning I went to Wal-Mart; this afternoon I went to Publix. At Wal-Mart I saw Abbi; at Publix I saw Britney....young mommies with their toddlers. Those little munchkins were so stinkin' precious. It made my whole day to see their cutsie little squishy faces and hear their thoughts and enjoy that moment in the grocery aisle. What a treat!

Britney and I left Publix at the same time so I promptly pulled her youngest out of the buggy, carried her to her car and buckled her in her car seat....sending mine on to my car with the buggy and groceries. Mine can unlock the car themselves, load the groceries, push the buggy to the "buggy stop", and buckle their own seatbelts. Waaaah.

I don't want to go back. These days of parenting are super fun. But it does make me wonder...

Did I soak it up? Did I listen to their tiny thoughts? Did I hold them enough? Did I really play with them? Did I let them make messes? Did I watch them sleep?

I think I did. I know I did. But, boy, did it go fast.

People tried to tell me.


  1. I love this. It's good to be reminded to eat this time up. Thanks :)

  2. I'm SURE you did. :) Sounds like you're enjoying them even now.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comment! I hope to keep up with you!

  3. I KNOW you did as well! It all does go so fast. I love seeing the little ones with their mommies too.