Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday, as I was driving home from dropping the girls at swim practice, I got this unbelievable craving for one of those Robin's Egg malt ball thingys they have at Eastertime. I swung the car in the CVS. They had the mini ones in the "milk carton" box, but I had to hunt for the big ones. While hunting I discovered that they now have mini-Cadbury Eggs in a little egg carton. I promptly picked one of those up and reasoned that I could eat just one of those and that would be sufficient. Then I saw the "Spectacular" M&M eggs.... you know the speckly ones that are ginormous! I promptly grabbed one of those too. And just before I set my eyes on the bag of big Robin's Egg malt ball thingys, I spotted these new little treasures called Peepsters (orange "peeps" cream covered in dark chocolate). I reasoned that they must be sort of good for you, because dark chocolate is all the new rage! When I arrived at the checkout counter I put down my four bags of Easter candy....paid the $12 for them (oh my!) and left...ripping open the bag of Robin's Egg malt ball thingys. I scarfed down 5 of them and then broke into the Peepsters (which actually were quite nasty, so I do not recommend). Before I gave my head a chance to understand that my stomach had had enough, I broke into the mini-Cadbury eggs. It was tough to get into the packaging while driving, but I was determined, and so I succeeded. It was gone before I really had a chance to taste it. As I came into the house with my loot, I went straight to the fridge and grabbed the milk. My feast was over. I sat down at the counter to read the mail and my stomach said, "Why did you do that?" It was muffled, but clear.

Moral of the story.... "Sometimes you just need to have "Chocolate Dinner".


  1. Yes sometimes you do!!! Or ice cream or whatever else you're craving! :D Love your blog!!!